Spring 2019 Course Information Sheet:

(Depending on your teacher there will be minor differences in your syllabus so see Canvas for your exact version. For example, not all classes will use clickers for participation grade.)

How is Math Used Project Here is the rubric. It is also on Canvas.

Sample When Math is Used Projects

The zip folder has a few examples of successful When is Math Used Project examples from last semester. Please find your own sources  and your own examples. You may look at the sources the students cited and find other related papers if their citations are of interest to you.

Webwork: Syllabus has information about password/username. On April 8th,2019 at 7:40 pm and also April 9th  it was noted that national webwork site is down intermittently. It has been enough of a problem to warrant WW extensions. I suggest you work on old tests and study while we wait.  Also I won’t take problems directly from WW 9 and WW 9b for the test. The concepts of those webworks will be on the test because both webworks involve derivatives and I can’t take derivatives off the test. You’ll have to practice with paper and pencil items 🙂

Here is PDF of WW9 and WW9b so you can see what problems are.

Online Textbook. 

Letter explaining how to opt-out of Unizin Engage so that bookstore will not automatically charge you(the online Canvas book):

Exam Rooms

When available the link to math department website will be posted here. Exams are in other rooms on Thursdays and scheduled by department.

Math 155 Teachers and Sections: 

Dr. Cameron Byerley 2:00 pm. Wagar 232.


There will be a Pretest on January 25th in class for Participation points.

If you miss the pretest we are allowing people to make up pretest for any reason in the PACE center in the Weber building. (Normally for quiz and test make ups you need a note.) The Pace hours are here and pretest takes about 20 minutes. http://www.math.colostate.edu/PACe/Guide/PACe_Office.html