Integration Videos
Most students need more examples of integration that we have time to show in class. Open the videos. Pause the video and try to integrate yourself, and then check your answer with the video.
Patrick JMT has many videos.
Here is one about u-substitution.

Exam 2 Review materials. (Note, don’t take review problems as comprehensive or the only thing you need to study-they are focused on word problems and optimization and don’t include all topics! You have many sources of other problems like webwork, quizzes, notes, book, youtube videos, etc.)


Solutions to Review Sheet passed out in Dr. B’s class this week.
(note-solution problem 5b is missing a ‘4’ in exponent.)

Calculus Center Tutoring Schedule
Calculus Center Workshop Schedule

Online Calculus Book that has animations used in class: Newton Meets Technology

TILT Tutoring Center : Evenings and Sunday.
Past Exams:
These are intended to help you study, not as prototypes for this year’s exams.
Exam 1

Exam 2
Final exam

Link to older Math 155 website with many, many past exams.

Graphing Calculators:
Free Online Graphing Calculator
Graphing Calculator by Pacific Tech: It has more features than free online calculators, but costs money.

Alternate Exam Time Request Form: Form
(Note, RDS does not have to submit form, they now schedule online. I need to update form).