Calculus Center Tutoring Schedule: Weekdays in Great Hall.

TILT Tutoring Center : Evenings and Sunday in Great Hall.

Workshops are in Weber basement (rooms 15 and 17). The goal of workshops is to either help you complete webwork or to help you with exams.

Other Free Tutoring Resources

Mentor Groups

Julia Sanders is holding small group review sessions. She will start holding sessions after exam 1 and until that time will be available for tutoring in the Great Hall. She has a lot of fantastic reviews from students who appreciate the small group help. 

Julia_s Derivative Practice.  (use Wolfram Alpha to check your answers. If it gives you answer in different form than yours, graph your answer and their answer to see if they are actually the same.)

Resources for Learning

Free Online Graphing Calculator

Free Online Derivative and Integral Calculators

Derivative Calculator with Steps and Graphs

Wolfram Alpha: Use this to check solutions to both derivative and integral problems as well as a wide variety of other mathematics.

Integration and Differentiation Procedure Videos Patrick JMT has many videos that are very useful for learning Calculus procedures. Here is one about u-substitution: U-Substitution

Alternative Online Calculus Book that has animations used in class: Newton Meets Technology

Mixture Problems (like Lung Model)