Written Homework

Prerequisite Review of Procedures.


Written HW will be posted here approximately 1 week before it is due.



The Written HW before this line is from Fall, 2018 and for informational purposes only. The assignments will be modified as we move many textbook problems to Webwork so you can get immediate feedback.


Written Homework One 


Prior Written Homework  (moving to webwork):

Problems 41-43 about the Great Salt Lake are difficult. It took  some time to really think through the situation, but once I did, the solution was not too bad. These problems are a great challenge if you’ve been acing the course and looking to expand. Here is solution for #41 that can help you with the next two.




Written Homework Two:(book problems moving to webwork, expect some additions/modifications to worksheet.)


Written HW Three


Written HW (Moving to WW)


#45 should not be on homework. We didn’t do implicit differentiation.

Written HW 4


Written HW 5


Written HW 6

Math 155.HW11.Fall.2018